Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1699 Sunny Day at Heathcote Botanical Gardens

This one is a little different, its water mixable oils on watercolor paper.  I forgot to bring a panel to paint on!  So my friend Trude gave me a sheet of her  paper.  I had gotten a gift card from Jerry's Artarama for my birthday and I bought a set of the water mixable oils to try out.  I also bought a new bag and reorganized all my painting gear and that is why the panel got left out.  It was a lot of fun  to try something new.

That is Heathcote's Jacaranda tree to the right, its in bloom now and very pretty.  The gardens look very lovely right now, flowers everywhere. 

I used the w.m. oils like watercolors, thinned down with plenty of water and also as oils applied thickly.  When the paint is thinned down its very transparent and has that glow to it that watercolors can have. I just used a couple of brushes on this one and didn't use my knife.

The painting is 8 x 8 inches, special price of $150.
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Price: $150 USD

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