Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1471 Oaks in Savannas Meadow Plein Air Alla Prima

I painted this from life, it was a perfect day out, not too hot or cold.  Its very pretty out here, lots of tiny wild flowers if you stop and look close.  Saw two gopher tortoises chasing each other and a baby one coming out of its hole. The painting is oil on masonite, 8 x 10 inches,
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CrimsonLeaves said...

I do so love this light purple background for your paintings. My favorite colors together are green, blue, and purple. I also like seeing the images large like this. Such a beautiful landscape, as always.

My mom's get bummed out because we're all grown up and she's on her own. She used to love the holidays and all the excitement of Christmas morning. Now it is a gamble as to which siblings will start warring (physically and verbally) because of drunken idiocy. But she still likes when we're all together so when that passes she heads into depression.

I'm with you on the arthritis (though mine isn't rheumatic). I have fibromyalgia and I'm just always dealing with aches and fatigue.

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks much, I would like to figure out how to make the images show up bigger without getting into the written part of my blog, LOL! I never got used to their new changes. If you click the paintings they show up bigger anyhow.
With me, my parents have passed away and I always miss them a lot during the Christmas holidays. I see the old ornaments and I think of the past.
There has been a fair share of drunken idiocy in my family too. Thinking back most of it was funny, like my dad pretending to be Rudolph the red nosed reindeer one night and cavorting around in the dark with a hat with a red light on top. He leaped up and hit his head on a tree branch, the light went out and my mother wasn't too pleased with him when he came back in.
We had our share of holiday arguments too, its just a stressful time. You mix all these people up with a blood connection, booze, nostalgia, fatigue, different ages, its a recipe for trouble.