Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daily Painting 1397 Tabebuia Tree at the Backus House

This is unavailable at the moment, its one of the paintings I did at the Backus House Souvenirs of Downtown paintout.  I had a wonderful time, it was wonderful visiting with everyone.  We got treated beautifully, got three meals every day!  The first dinner was just for the artists, that was really nice.  Then there were two nice receptions, during the big one there was a big rain storm so there weren't as many people coming out, mainly artists and their friends and families.

The painting is 8 x 10, oil on masonite.  There is a yellow tabebuia tree next to the Backus house and in the back is the melon colored cottage.

I did six other paintings over the three days,  I was pretty happy with most of them.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Beautiful piece, Lori. I often wonder at the look inside of these simply constructed homes from so long ago. I love when the homeowners cheer it up with color.

Lori McNamara said...

I got to go inside some of them on this paintout, they are beautiful inside. The one was decorated beautifully, original hardwood floors, gorgeous antique furniture and lots of local Fort Pierce art. Its tiny inside, small rooms. You can only get one person in the kitchen. Really lovely at home feel to it.
He hasn't needed to turn on the air conditioning yet this year, he gets a nice breeze through and there is lots of shade from big oak trees and a banyon tree.
I am hoping to paint more often there.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh my...that sounds just so perfect and so lovely!

Lori McNamara said...

It was perfect, I wouldn't have changed anything! :o)