Monday, February 06, 2012

Daily Painting 1369 Pepper Park Century Plants

I did this from a photo I took at Pepper Park here in Fort Pierce. There is a whole grove of the century plants in bloom there, its at the north end of the park on the beach side. I love how they look, like giant sculptures. A few years ago I was able to get on ground there and paint but now lots of plants have grown up and I can just see it from the dune crosswalk.
The painting has lots of nice textures, is 5 x 7 inches, oil on masonite,
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Price: $100 USD


CrimsonLeaves said...

What unusual trees! And oh so gorgeous tropical plants all around. Love the beautiful sky too, Lori. I imagine you will never run out of landscape material; always a spot of beauty everywhere you turn!

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks much! The "trees" are the flower stems of the century plant, they grow 20 or 30 feet up into the air. The legend is they bloom every 100 years and then die. That is partly true, but it doesn't take 100 years to bloom. The plant blooms in about 10 years, it dies and then lots of babies grow from the bottom of the plant and little babies also form at the ends of the flower stalk.