Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Daily Painting 135 Saint Lucie River Plein Air at White City Park

Its a 12 by 16 painting, plein air, oil, knife and a little brush. One of those days, I took a little break, talked to some of the other painters, I have joined a new plein air club to the south of me. Come back and find the painting had blown down and had sand and dirt in the corners. I got it pretty much fixed, have to let it dry to get the rest off.

I get home, make myself some cocoa in the microwave and my cup ranneth over in a big way all over the oven. Collapsed on the couch, dog pats me on the face and scratched it. Hubby tells me I need to touch up yesterday's painting, he moved it and didn't know it was wet. Got a couple of his fingerprints on it. Can't have that, years from now they will think he painted it!

Hopefully I will survive the rest of today!

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