Sunday, May 05, 2013

1497 The Pink House on 2nd Street

 I haven't been posting lately, I haven't been feeling too great, the arthritis-lupus combo flared up and did a number on my energy and mood.  I am feeling a bit better, going to try and get back in gear.

 This was done back in April on the 20th.  And the 26th of April too.  If you closely at the bottom picture, you can see the water all over it, it got rained on.  So I wasn't quite finished.
You can click on the photos to see them better.    The top one is the finished one, I tweaked it a bit.

Its pretty much still a plein air but can't call it alla prima any more.  

Its oil on masonite,  8 x 10 inches. 
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Price: $300 USD


CrimsonLeaves said...

I always find myself wanting to see inside homes and this one is no exception. I also wonder at the personalities involved in outside color choices of homes. I'll bet this one is a sweet older lady...? Love the textures and it looks as though you know how to handle all the rain drops as it looks lovely in the end!

Glad you are feeling better. I know lupus can do a number on you. I deal with fibromyalgia myself and things are always hurting. I don't take any meds though because their potential side effects are worse than living with constant pain.

Lori McNamara said...

They let me go inside, its pretty in there, nice and clean and neat. A few knick-knacks here and there but not too many. Its a younger couple. The outside to the left which you can't see in the painting has a patio area with a pond and fountain. New plantings, it will be prettier when they get bigger. There is an outdoor kitchen-bar and a deck. There is a boat and motorhome on the outside back area.
I left out the junk under the porch and the sewer stack pipe. They bought an old fixer-upper and its a work in progress. The pink is common in the area, its an old neighborhood that is being reclaimed, there is lots of pink, turquoise, lime green, other tropical colors.
The lupus and rheumatoid has caused scarring in my lungs so unfortunately I have to take steroids to keep breathing. I take them every other day, this has kept the side effects to a minimum.