Sunday, December 09, 2012

 I will be showing on The Edge wall at Art Mundo this month!  You are all welcome to come see my  "4 Million Strokes and Counting" show in the Underground section of Art Mundo. 

Reception is Wednesday, the 12th.  5 to 8 pm.

Exhibit Dates: Through January 3, 2013 
111 Orange Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL

Art Mundo also has their Christmas party on Wednesday and you can see the "Brush with Nature" show upstairs.  There will be nice things to eat too.  :-)


CrimsonLeaves said...

Wishing you much success, Lori! It looks so lovely hanging on the wall, and if those are your paintings on the wall (hard for me to see them well this morning), then someone is indeed going to have one amazing stroll!

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks Sherry, they are all mine! 20 some, forget exactly, I am pooped, just hung 15 more at another show.