Monday, July 02, 2012

Daily Painting 1432 Ripe for the Picking! Florida Orange tree oil painting

I had this photo I took of an orange tree, it was pretty uninspiring, the printer is running out of ink for one thing so I made the photo black and white.  I was looking through a magazine, saw someone's painting of some arum lilies, I loved the colors in their painting!

So I tried matching up their colors to my painting and this was the result.  I had fun, hadn't done that before.  The painting is 8 x 10 inches, oil on masonite,
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CrimsonLeaves said...

Look at that exquisite texture! Another beautiful piece, Lori. I always think of Florida when I think of oranges so I love that you made the orange tree the subject here.

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks so much!

Fatima Crochet said...

Hi CrimsonLeaves! :) Now you mention Florida oranges! Really? Maybe those were what came here when I was small, they were called "Sunkist"? From the US definitely, maybe Florida!

The shape of that tree reminds me of the mango tree. Do mango trees grow in Florida?

Lori McNamara said...

Florida is famous for oranges, Sunkist is based in California and Arizona I believe.

Mangoes grow here, they are my favorite fruit, I adore them! I have one puny little tree that will get a fruit or two a year and then some animal will usually eat it before I get to it. I think I need to move the tree to a better spot, it is in too much shade.

Fatima Crochet said...

Ah, ours would come from California then!

I love mangoes too. One can never go wrong choosing them! In some places here they grow mangoes short and their branches low and spread out, like you orange painting. This is to make it easier to harvest the fruits.

Strange your mango tree. A small one! Here they are enormous. Some folks here would place a paper bag around mango flowers to protect them till they become fruits, maybe that trick will help for you! :)

Lori McNamara said...

Oh they get enormous here too, mine is a wimp! The stupid thing is shorter than I am and its probably 7 years old at least. It should be 20 feet tall by now. :o(

The papayas are taller than I am, but they are dropping their buds, I looked it up and its from the heat. I am having gardening trouble this year!

Fatima Crochet said...

LOL! A wimpy mango tree! Well, that might be a very expensive bonsai. :D

Hmm... well that's the first buds for your papaya tree, right? Maybe next year will be better. That's how I feel about our passion fruit.

The garden now is not in very good shape since hubby can't work with the boil/penrose drain on the thumb, and another one now on the shin ... :( But we did hire someone to do the weeding ... so at least that's being done.

I'm not a plant/garden type of person like you, but I try my best! I just planted some ginger (small violet variety) near some oregano bushes that I planted last year.

By the way, I placed a photo of the snake on the korakora site, it's at :)

Would a bit showering daily help your papaya tree?

Lori McNamara said...

Fatima, I am not so good any more with the gardening, I look around at bad looking yards, what is growing there. :o) I try to find those plants because I know they are tough, LOL! I am trying to give the papayas a shower every day, forgot a day and there are the buds on the ground. Hopefully by October it will be cool enough for them to set some fruit.