Monday, June 11, 2012

Daily Painting 1422 Morning Mists Australian Pines

I had fun with this one, its a fantasy painting, painted out of my head.  I think the Australian pines are considered a pest now a days but I like them.  They are lovely to climb in, as easy to climb as a ladder.

No mail for me today, went to the mailbox to pick it up and there was a black snake inside, probably scared the mail lady.

The painting is oil on masonite 8 x 10 inches,
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Price: $200 USD


CrimsonLeaves said...

What a gorgeous imagination you have. This is just so pretty! I'd have to agree with the mail lady myself. Snakes don't really scare me but the thing is I couldn't tell a poisonous snake from a non-poisonous snake. That is the big scare for me.

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks so much! It was a black racer, a harmless snake.

Fatima said...

Hi Lori! Did you have any particular place in mind when you painted this one? Is it easier than painting actual scenes?

It must be snake season here too. I was cooking and as I reached for the salt, I saw a long dark snake climb the wall behind the condiments rack. It is supposedly a "house snake" - like the "house lizard" or "house spider" which are generally darker and duller in colour than their outdoor counterparts. :)

This house snake is small (about 2 meters longest) and shouldn't grow any bigger. I think they are constrictors since our neighbour saw one coiled around a lizard!

I'm not good at recognizing snakes...

Lori McNamara said...


I had been to a place sort of like this, had a dull photo of it. No clouds in the sky, no pond. I started the sky then picked some colors I wanted to play with. I got it pretty well finished, didn't like parts so I wiped them off and saw the pond. Brought it out more.
I don't know if its easier, I had fun with it mostly. It did have some times where I didn't like parts.

I know most of the snakes around here, there are four poisonous ones, coral, moccasin, copperhead and rattlesnakes. Most are harmless, black, ring necks, king, garter, glass,green, corn and some others. I haven't seen any indigo or green snakes since I was a child. We see occasional coral snakes and moccasins, pygmy rattlers. Only saw one copperhead, they are rare here.

That was interesting, there were a whole bunch of different kinds of birds screaming. I went to see what the noise was and they were all looking down at the snake. It was unusual to see all the different birds united in their feelings about the snake.

I love being outside and my parents taught me not to be afraid of them, just to be careful and don't mess with the poisonous ones. Don't put your bare hands under leaves, LOL!

Fatima said...

Hmm... maybe I will post a photo of some of the snakes here in Korakora. :) They're very pretty. And maybe they are familiar to you.

Hubby advises that we walk in the woods with heavy stomping, especially when there's plenty of dead leaves on the ground. The vibration is supposed to tell snakes "we're passing by, step aside, lads!" LOL!

I think you're right about enjoying the making of an artwork. Sometimes - or even often - the most difficult ones are the most enjoyable. :)

Lori McNamara said...

That would be cool to see, I imagine there are different ones there but maybe some of the same.