Monday, August 15, 2011

Daily Painting 1297 SOLD Pelicans at the Fort Pierce Inlet

SOLD Finished this oil painting today 18.50 x 22 inches on masonite, I have been working and waiting for days on it. I let the different layers dry on big or complicated paintings so if I mess up I don't have to fix too much. I was glad I had, I was resting my little finger on the painting to steady my hand and got it into the wet wing. Then it got into the sky. I was able to clean it up without messing up my sky because I let it dry.
It is from a park near where I live, its the Fort Pierce inlet to the ocean in the background. The inlet gets a strong current between the jetties. The rocks across the inlet in the back are just a row of big rocks and the ones in the front are paved so you can walk easy on them and go fishing. There is a fish cleaning station in front of the pelicans, they get scraps so there is lots of activity there. Free shipping.


Jude said...

Beautiful work! I especially like the way you do the water and the sky.

Jude said...

Beautiful work. I especially like the way you do the water and the sky.

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks much Jude!