Thursday, May 31, 2007

SOLD daily painting 245 The Old Stone Bridge at Mckee BotAanical Gardens in Vero Beach, Florida Plein Air

SOLD It 11 x 14, oil, all knife. Did this painting ever have troubles! I put it into the car on this blanket as I don't have a carrier for this size. A corner smeared part of the painting. I fixed it when I got home. Then the dog knocked the easel and got another mark on it. Also got some paint on the couch. I fixed those too.


bj said...

I love a painting with a back story! Part of the story is, of course, the focal point - ah, but the story of 'this is how it happened' adds to the overall character of the artwork. Thanks for sharing the details. :o)

Lori said...

Thanks BJ, not the usual How-to-paint story, hehehe!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, Lori! You are so lucky to be able to paint there. I'm SO glad you get to though.. this place was made for you!

See if you can get a couple of big pizza boxes from your local pizza place. They'd be perfect for transporting those wet paintings.


Lori said...

Thanks Helen, I will!