Monday, May 21, 2007

daily painting 235 Singing Tower of Lake Wales, Florida Work In Progress part two

The top half of the painting is close to finished. I will probably tweak a little bit here and there, the middle band near the top got a little off. There are the reflections and bushes to be finished and some water lilies added.


Paintdancer said...

hi Lori,
A very challenging piece as that tower is so intricate! YOu're doing a fab job! I visited there once but was too intimidated to try painting the tower. That was a year ago. I may pull out my photos and try again one of these days.

bj said...

Very nice, Lori. I love the rich colors. Reflections can be a real pain to do, but looks like you've done a splendid job.

Lori said...

Thanks BJ and Maryanne! Lori