Saturday, May 12, 2007

daily painting 226 Ghastly End of the Romance Edenlawn Plantation Plein Air Alla Prima

The lovebugs got stuck in the wet paint! hehehe! I think I can fix up the painting after it all dries. Its 5 x 7, oil and knife. I will sell it for $100. no extra charge for the bugs. If any body wants it with the bugs still on it let me know soon as I plan to clean them off. I offer no guarantees as to how archival they are. I painted it at Edenlawn Plantation today at their art show and plant sale. I had a successful day, sold two paintings. Me and some of my paintings are below.
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Anonymous said...

Lori: Ewwww, saw your dead bugs on your painting. It reminds of a huge piece my Old art teacher was working on in the class room one day. A bee had gotten stuck in his work...poor thing. It never left my memory. I love it actually. Maybe it might give you an idea. How about painting in those bugs the next time. You know your being pestered all the time while your painting...why not include them in your work..except..not using dead one..know what I mean...

Also, really like the calla lillies you did further down the page and the next simple and quiet.

See ya later.

Lori said...

Thanks so much! I haven't tried painting bugs before, I may try it.

bj said...

Lori, I like the whimsey in the 'bug painting'. Makes it really real - I can almost hear the little buggers flying around.

Glad to see you're doing the art/craft show routine (lots of work but also lots of fun). And you sold some paintings!

Lori said...

Hi BJ! You must be back! Thanks, I think this will be it for the summer, too hot now.