Monday, March 27, 2017

1688 Happy Red Hibiscus Painting plein air Alla Prima

I have been going through my paintings lately, they are in need of organizing. My husband is making me some nice wooden storage boxes and I have been taking the paintings out of their old cartons and putting them into the new boxes.  Some of the paintings were at shows and were framed, this was one of them.

This one never got put into my blog, it was made back in 2012 at one of the Souvenirs of Downtown paint outs.  I remember painting it, was on 2nd street in some nice people's side yard, they let us paint there.  The paint outs worked like this, you would paint a painting, frame it and bring it back to the  Backus House on 2nd street.  They would hang it and if there was time and you had energy you could go out and do another.  Then in the evening they would have a reception or two and people could purchase the paintings.  They always had great food and it was a lot of fun.  I don't know if they are doing it any more, I think there have been some changes made.

Its unframed now but shipping is free!

The painting is oil on masonite, 5 x 7 inches,
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Price: $100 USD

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