Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Painting 1437 SOLD Misty Marsh Creek white bird painting

SOLD  Its 5 x 7 inches, oil on masonite.  I would like to go kayaking here!  Its a lot like places I have gone, out in the savannas.  Too hot for me this time of year, it was 98 degrees today.


Fatima Crochet said...

That's quite hot. Is it also humid there? High humidity tends to make things more difficult.

I like this painting, especially the whites/light yellow among the grasses. Maybe I like negative space.

Well I started my art-a-day and I sometimes cringe when I see my old work. I started with the images large, and today I decided to make them smaller on the webpage. I am rather ashamed of them, and don't want them looking so big.

I think I'm too hard on myself when it comes to art. I tend to self-deprecate too much. I guess the reason why I like your work is because you are so happy with them! I feel like that with crochet but not with my paintings or mixed media works.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Gorgeous aerial perspective and a stunning scene all the way around. Is the water deep enough for kayaking?

Lori McNamara said...

Yes its very humid, I have to force myself to move and do things, I just want to sleep!

I think your work is very good, nothing to be ashamed of. Be nice to you! If someone else had done them would you be so critical?

What exactly do you not like about your work?

One thing I notice, it is very different in feeling to your crochet. Your crochet is bright, lots of colors, your art is darker in tones. It looks very old, like antiques. (which I think is very cool, I love antique art)

Try the same style in a lighter, brighter palette of tones, see if you like it better.

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks Sherry, The water is deep enough, you only need a few inches for most kayaks. There is a fairly shallow place ahead, might need to get your feet a little wet....

(Its all fantasy, it only exists on the panel)

Fatima Crochet said...

Thanks, Lori. I had more thought about my work because of your questions. I used to look at my work and the concept notes and the notes make me cringe. I never confronted them until last night. Through the notes I now know why I don't like my work.

But as works, they are alright, I suppose. Some skill were necessary to make them, some more than others, especially the water colour and putting in gold leaf. But digital photo prints are almost a no-brainer.

I have much more respect for skill and craft now maybe because of crochet. When I see your work for example, I see brush or knife strokes and use of colour, and the sizes of the paintings and I know where skills are important.

Where I studied there was a tendency to put so-called "concept" over medium, and then there are times when there is a war between the two schools of thought.

Lori McNamara said...


I had to look up concept note, I had never heard of it. Still not too sure of what exactly it is. Plan for the painting? Or how you went about doing the work?

Are the digital photo prints from photos you took yourself or your own drawings? In my experience, if the final product is from someones work that is not your own it is less satisfying to do than something that is totally your own.

I will use other people's photos with their permission and sometimes they want me to paint from a photo of theirs. I feel like that sort of painting is a job, a pleasant job (it can be frustrating and a challenge too) but it is not nearly as fun as something I paint out of my own head or something that paints itself from my knife with seemingly little or no input from my brain. Those are the most fun and satisfying to me to do.

Fatima Crochet said...

I sure wish concept note was plan or method for the painting, but no, it's mumbo-jumbo b.s. to explain the painting, the concept of the work. I have it at http://crochetology.net/2012/07/art-a-day-haring-supremo/

All the photos are my own. I went to churches and took photos of all the religious statues, etc. It all started as a research on colonial sculpture then I started using the photos I took for some mixed media work.

I guess the way you paint as you describe it is how I approach crochet. Now if only I can pass that onto other works ... :)